3rd Annual National Freestanding
Emergency Center Conference

In partnership with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), NAFEC is pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual FEC Conference will be held in Washington, DC. Join us for a pre-conference welcome reception for all attendees, exhibitors and sponsors on Tuesday, September 19th in the Empire Ballroom at the hotel. The conference and trade show will begin on Tuesday, September 19th and will conclude on the afternoon of September 21. The agenda will be published shortly.

NAFEC represents the spectrum of FECs, including independent, hospital-owned, and hybrid models alike and use the expertise of those in the field to share and educate those who are interested in learning more about this fast-growing facet of emergency medicine or who want to grow their existing FEC business.


When & Where

September 19-21, 2017

Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008


Registration and Sponsorship


SPONSORS & Exhibitors

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2017 Program - Subject to change

Tuesday, 19 Sep 17

NOON        Opening Lunch

1:00PM    NAFEC Open Membership Meeting & Exhibits Open

2:00PM            Break

2:30PM    Opening Remarks and Welcome
NAFEC Leadership & ACEP Leadership                

2:45PM    Freestanding Emergency Centers as Ambulance Destinations – Why Not?
Gerad Troutman, MD, FACEP
Ryan Lewis, MD, FACEP
Explore FECs as primary ambulance destinations for 911 calls. How does it benefit the prehospital systems? What are the real and perceived problems with transports to FECs? What's the real i$$ue behind FECs as transport destinations? Where do we go from here?

3:15PM    Patient Perceptions in the Emergency Care Space – Differences in the Models
Sharon Nicka
Juli Forde
This panel will cover patient perception and educational efforts related to the FEC patient experience. Marketing and social media play a role in how the community is informed about the delivery of emergency care outside the traditional hospital. 

4:00PM    Break-Visit the Exhibits

4:30PM    Operational Comparison of Models: IFECs, Hybrids, and HFECs
Stephen Paulson, MD, MBA, FACEP
Attendees can expect to hear first-hand about the critical components of running a FEC from an operational perspective. Physically separated from hospitals, FECs are self-managed and provide critical care to patients that come through their doors. Panelists will compare and contrast the operational differences between FECs and hospital-based emergency departments and unique operations of the hybrid model.

5:15PM    Break-Visit the Exhibits

5:30PM    Opening Reception

7:30PM    Adjourn

Wednesday, 20 Sep 17

8:00AM    Breakfast

9:00AM    Hot Off the Press – The Latest in FEC Research
Erin Simon, DO
John Dayton, MD FACEP
During this session a review of academic research on FECs will be discussed and how it may be helpful for other freestanding facilities. There will also be a discussion on future research goals along with a question and answer session.

9:45AM    FEC Model as Cost Savers and Saviors of Emergency Care
Craig Meek, MD FACEP
This will be a data driven abstract and presentation. The most important variable in determining the degree of payer's expense for an ED visit is the admission rate. The data presented will show that admission rates are significantly lower at FECs and HOPDs than hospital Emergency Departments. This data could be used to prove that FECs are less expensive to the payer than a normal hospital Emergency Department.

10:30AM    Break-Visit the Exhibits

11:00AM    National Assault on Emergency Care Presented
Andy Wilson, MD, AAEM
Attendees will hear details about the national assault on emergency medicine including the FEC model. There will be discussion on the media’s role in promoting negative and positive views of the FEC industry. Describe how the FEC industry can promote FECs and their positive impact on patient care.

11:45AM    Networking Lunch / Legislator / Keynote

1:00PM    Efforts on the Home Front – The ACEP Task Force on FEC Accreditation
John Dayton, MD, FACEP
Attendees will hear from media training experts and have an opportunity to learn important concepts of being an advocate for emergency medicine. Working with the media can be a challenge and this training allows for some guidance on how to defend emergency medicine. 

1:45PM    Media Training Part 1 (NAFEC/ACEP Members)
Attendees will hear from media training experts and have an opportunity to learn important concepts of being an advocate for emergency medicine. Working with the media can be a challenge and this training allows for some guidance on how to defend emergency medicine.

3:00PM    Break-Visit the Exhibits

3:00PM    ACEP FEC Task Force Meeting

3:30PM    Media Training Part 2 (NAFEC/ACEP Members)

5:00PM    Adjournment

5:30 PM    Exhibitor Reception

Thursday, 21 Sep 17

8:00AM    Breakfast

9:00AM    Healthcare Policy Development at the Federal Level
Brad Shields
John McManus
Barrett Thornhill
The 2016 elections and new Administration is having a significant impact on the future of healthcare policy development and are already affecting current events at all levels. Join NAFEC's Executive Director Brad Shields as he and the NAFEC lobbyists based in Washington, D.C., John McManus and Barrett Thornhill, discuss what's ahead for the Affordable Care Act, entitlement reforms and their impact on the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and other key issues affecting the health care industry.

9:45AM    Telemedicine in the Freestanding Emergency Center: Improving Quality and Access and Expanding the Business Model
Presented by Dave Ernst, MD, FACEP
Attendees will hear about how telemedicine can offer significant opportunities for the Freestanding Emergency Center (FEC). This also provides the potential for the rural FEC to deliver access to specialty care in underserved areas at a quality level on par with the urban setting, as well as direct to patient care in remote areas.   The utilization of telemedicine in the FEC will be discussed and several business models will be reviewed for enhancing FEC revenue

10:30AM    Who Can Direct a Clinical Laboratory?  It May Not Have to be You, Doc”
John T. Daly, MD, FACP
Attendees will hear a discussion of laboratory quality in waived testing, requirements and responsibilities for the CLIA mandated laboratory positions, role of proficiency testing and quality control.

11:15AM    One Final Note – Future Perspectives
Members of the NAFEC Board
This closing panel is made up of the current NAFEC Board Members. They will discuss next steps for the industry and summarize what is on the horizon for legislative/ regulatory challenges.

NOON        Adjourn