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NAFEC 2018 Conference Schedule

As of August 6, 2018. Subject to change without notice.

Monday, September 10

Noon         Lunch

1:00PM     TAFEC Membership Meeting

5:00PM     Reception in the NAFEC Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, September 11

8:00AM      Breakfast in the NAFEC Exhibit Hall

9:00AM     Opening Remarks and Welcome - NAFEC Leadership

9:15AM     Solutions for Critical Access Hospitals Closing - Jessie Pines, MD, FACEP
Attendees will hear about how Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs) present a practical solution to this crisis. While rural communities may have insufficient demands for inpatient care to support a full hospital, FECs have a lower cost structure and higher patient volume.

9:45AM    National Assault on Emergency Care
Attendees will hear details about the national assault on emergency medicine including the FEC model. There will be discussion on the media’s role in promoting negative and positive views of the FEC industry. The speaker will also present ideas for how the FEC industry can promote FECs and their positive impact on patient care.

10:15AM    Break in the Exhibit Hall

10:30AM    State Legislation Impacting the Freestanding Industry - Rob Morris, CEO of Complete Care and Brad Shields, NAFEC Executive Director
This presentation will include a summary of recent state legislation that impacts the Freestanding Emergency Center Industry. Additionally, the speakers will provide a detailed forecast of what is expected at the State Legislature in the 2019 legislative sessions.

11:15AM    Any Willing Provider Legislation - Dan Chepkauskas, Patient Choice Coalition
Attendees will hear a summary of “Any Willing Provider” statutes, sometimes referred to as “Any Authorized Provider”. These are laws that require health insurance carriers to allow health care providers to become members of the carriers’ networks of providers if certain conditions are met. Such statutes prohibit insurance carriers from limiting membership within their provider networks based upon geography or other characteristics, so long as a provider is willing and able to meet the conditions of network membership set by the carrier.

NOON     Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:30PM   Economic Impact of the FEC Industry - Craig Meek, MD, FACEP
This presentation will provide a snapshot of the different economic aspects of the Freestanding Emergency Center Industry. The most important variable in determining the degree of payer's expense for an ED visit is the admission rate. The data presented will show that admission rates are significantly lower at FECs and HOPDs than hospital Emergency Departments. Additionally, this will cover benefits to local and state economy which include jobs, taxes, etc.

2:15PM    Proactive Public and Media Relations - Katherine McLane, NAFEC Public Relations and Frank Ward, NAFEC Public Relations
Attendees will hear from media training experts and have an opportunity to learn important concepts of being an advocate for emergency medicine. Working with the media can be a challenge and this training allows for some guidance on how to defend emergency medicine.

3:00PM   Break in the Exhibit Hall

3:30PM   Freestanding ER Research: Hot off the Press - Erin Simon, DO, FACEP and John Dayton, MD, FACEP
During this session, a review of academic research on FECs will be discussed and shown how that research may be helpful for other freestanding facilities. There will also be a discussion on future research goals, along with a question and answer session.

4:15PM   ACEP Georgia Lawsuit against Insurance Carrier
Attendees will hear about the recent lawsuit in Georgia against the health insurance carrier who implemented a policy that impacts the Prudent Layperson Standard. This will include a summary of other states who are experiencing patient penalty policies and what legal/legislative/media remedies the provider community has available.

5:00PM    Adjourn

5:30PM   VIP Reception for Prudent Layperson Patient Defense Fund Donors
This reception will be for all attendees, physicians, operators and vendors who have contributed to the TAFEC/NAFEC Prudent Layperson Patient Defense Fund.

Wednesday, September 12

8:00AM    Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

9:00AM    Case Study - FECs Contracting with Local Governments - Craig Meek, MD FACEP
Attendees will hear a recent case study of how one Freestanding Emergency Center operator worked with their local governments to contract directly. While a strategy to contract with the large commercial carriers is important, there are many benefits to showing the local government community what value providers can bring to their plan.

9:45AM    Break Down the TAHP Lawsuit against TDI - TAFEC Government Relations and General Counsel
Attendees will hear about the recent lawsuit the Texas Association of Health Plans have brought against the Texas Department of Insurance. This lawsuit challenges TDI’s authority to promulgate rules related to UCR and the Prudent Layperson Standard. Our experts will cover the lawsuit topics, the process of when trade associations sue a state agency and what next steps are expected in 2018.

10:15AM    Federal Healthcare Policy Development – Led by John McManus
The current Administration is having a significant impact on the future of healthcare policy development and are already affecting current events at all levels. Join NAFEC lobbyists based in Washington, D.C. as we discuss what's ahead for the FEC Medicare participation, entitlement reforms and their impact on the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and other key issues affecting the health care industry.

11:15AM    On the Horizon: Telemedicine
Attendees will hear about how telemedicine can offer significant opportunities for the Freestanding Emergency Center (FEC). This also provides the potential for the rural FEC to deliver access to specialty care in underserved areas at a quality level on par with the urban setting, as well as direct to patient care in remote areas.  The utilization of telemedicine in the FEC will be discussed and several business models will be reviewed for enhancing FEC revenue.

NOON    One Final Note – Future Perspectives - Members of the NAFEC and ACEP Board
This closing panel is made up of several current NAFEC and ACEP Boards of Directors Members. They will discuss next steps for the industry and summarize what is on the horizon for legislative/regulatory

1:00PM  Adjourn