National Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers

The freestanding emergency center industry has developed rapidly, creating the need for a national organization that advocates for its future growth and fair regulation. NAFEC will dedicate itself to educating the health care community, legislators, regulators, and the general public about the unique value that freestanding emergency centers bring to the communities in which they serve.

Across the country, NAFEC represents all models of freestanding emergency care, including physician- and proprietary owned facilities, hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs), and joint venture partnerships between freestanding emergency centers and hospitals.

NAFEC will represent the voices of the freestanding emergency industry by establishing a unified presence in Washington D.C., as well as promoting and safeguarding the freestanding emergency center industry in individual states. The association’s primary objective is to raise public awareness of the industry and highlight freestanding emergency centers as viable options for quality emergency care nationwide.

Benefits to Membership

  • Participation in all NAFEC Membership Meetings and the NAFEC Conference
  • Access to the latest news and updates surrounding the freestanding emergency center industry
  • Representation in Washington D.C. to advance the freestanding emergency center industry through legislative and regulatory policy
  • Advocacy for growth and fair regulation on the state level
  • Networking and relationship building with potential business partners, including NAFEC sponsors, vendors, and members
  • Access to industry resources and best practices to develop new markets for freestanding emergency center operations