Sponsor Highlight: T System

T-System offers a suite solutions for the FSED market that are unique in the industry. T Sheets® and T-System’s EV™ (electronic version) provide efficient, complaint-driven bedside documentation that helps clinicians spend more time with patients and accurately reflect care and medical decision making for optimized reimbursement. FSEC Foundation™ is the only purpose-built integrated platform that provides FSECs with a full-suite of technology tools to drive clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

EV™ is an easy, efficient and effective ED information system (EDIS) and includes physician and nurse documentation, CPOE, patient tracking, clinical decision support, e-prescribing, reporting and more. Over 400 emergency departments and freestanding emergency centers have chosen EV to document patient care. T-System’s clinical experts maintain the system with the most up to date regulatory and clinical requirements.

T Sheets® support virtually every chief complaint from medicine to trauma to pediatrics, and alleviates the burden of emergency department documentation so that ER physicians and nurses can focus on patient care. 

FSEC Foundation™ is the first integrated enterprise technology platform specifically designed to serve the FSEC market. It includes a comprehensive suite of solutions, including patient registration, gold standard documentation, coding and more.   FSED Foundation integrates T-System’s best-of-breed EDIS and Presidiohealth’s suite of practice management tools to enhance the patient experience, improve workflow and drive clinical and financial outcomes for the FSEC market. This powerful platform seamlessly integrates with other solutions such as radiology, laboratory, billing and others supporting the unique needs of freestanding centers.

T-System, Inc. has been specializing in emergency department documentation since 1996.   T-System has since expanded its focus to include the development of innovative solutions for the rapidly expanding episodic care market, including hospital-based emergency departments (EDs), freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers. Today, our company continues to innovate by leveraging a strong team of industry experts who lead our clinically-driven services and documentation solutions as well as charge capture and coding solutions that serve 40 percent of the nation’s emergency departments, including over 130 free-standing emergency centers.

Freestanding emergency centers face unique challenges related to care delivery and financial outcomes. As the FSEC market matures and continues to rapidly expand, it’s critical that technology evolves to keep pace. As more and more patients choose to receive care at FSECs due to ease of access, convenience and satisfaction, technology must evolve to enhance the patient experience and drive high-quality, efficient care.  Our integrated platform can provide clinicians with visibility to key insights previously unavailable, enabling FSECs to quickly adapt, grow and scale as the industry evolves.

For more than 20 years, T-System has stayed true to our original purpose: to provide improved patient care through efficient bedside documentation and to optimize reimbursement by producing an accurate and complete medical record.  Clinical content and intuitive workflow are what make T Sheets and EV unique. Our approach is driven by two fundamental elements: compliance and quality. 

In the December 2015 Black Book EDIS survey, which included over 27,000 validated responses, T-System won Top Overall Ambulatory EHR EMR Vendor for Emergency Department. While we are proud of this honor, we are even happier that it means the patients who receive care from physicians and clinicians using EV have the benefit of a system that helps the clinician focus on THEM and not the documentation.