Sponsor Highlight: Republic E.M.S.

Established in early 2008, Republic E.M.S. has become one of the most reliable, fastest growing, and highly sought after private ambulance services. We pride ourselves in being a premier ground ambulance service solely dedicated to catering to the needs of freestanding emergency centers throughout Texas and abroad. 

Focusing on integrity and outstanding performance, all of our units are MICU-ready, equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools, and highly trained medics. 

Republic’s staff is required to go through a rigorous hiring process, including but not limited to: drug screenings, background checks, continuing education courses, and more. Our medics participate in frequent mock codes, as well as our in-house AHA training to keep their BLS, ACLS, and PALS certification current. 

Each unit in our fleet is staffed with a Paramedic and EMT. Within five years of service our ambulances are replaced with a new unit. Each unit is equipped with a vent, pump, and cardiac monitor. With multiple 24-hour units strategically placed thorough out our service areas, we are able to keep our response times below 30 minutes. 

We believe quality is key, and will continue to grow with our partnered facilities as they break ground across the United States. This growth allows us to ensure every patient and facility receives the best ground ambulance care available. 

While, it is a main priority to ensure our services offered are always above reproach, we also know our success is greatly dependent upon the success of the facilities we service. Therefore, it is our number one goal to create a unique partnership with the same marketing goals in mind for your facility. We have extended our training services to partner-facilities – frequently offering BLS, ACLS, PALS courses, as well as mock codes on-site at the facility. 

To begin a partnership that truly has the success of your facility, staff, and patients in mind, contact Omar Dar, via e-mail at omar@republicems.com, or by calling (832)257-8333.