Sponsor Highlight: XtreMed Enterprise

As an emergency doctor, your investment in the growth of FECs enabled you to escape the hospital emergency room’s bureaucratic red tape regime so you could freely practice your passion and take control of your career. The new-found freedom allowed you to perfect your profession while your patients benefit from your specialty.

At XtreMed, your RADIOLOGY NEEDS are our EMERGENCY and a turn-key project, free of headaches, is our specialty.

We are worthy of the title of NAFEC Champion Sponsor because we are the FEC experts. We have been there since the inception of the FEC market and have had the privilege of working with more than 40 FECs NATIONWIDE. We offer a HARMONIOUS radiology suite that allows you to take more control of your business because our experiences taught us what to expect, what questions to ask, and what you need.

As just part of our service suite, we perform and manage:

  • Medical Capital Procurement and Consulting
  • Architect and Medical Physicist Design (Shielding Survey, EPE)
  • Legalities and permits involved with the radiology department (local state health departments, HIPAA, FDA)
  • EMR integration
  • Modality Application Training
  • Service Contracts including 24/7 Technical Support
  • Image Archiving Solutions (PACS)

The most iconic feature of an FEC is the patients’ MINIMUM wait time experience. XtreMed has this exact same policy. We understand what is an urgent necessity within the market. Our aspiration is for you to focus on the thing that matters most: saving lives. Your time is too important to waste worrying about which vendor to call to rescue your malfunctioning radiology equipment. Working with XtreMed’s RescueRad Technical Support team means you work with one fully-integrated company that has been able to maintain a 3.8-MINUTE AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME and GUARANTEES a 96% uptime for your entire radiology suite.

Our RescueRad agents are wide awake around-the-clock to ensure your equipment is operational, which allows you to fully direct your focus on patient care outcomes. We help preserve your peace of mind when you rest your radiology needs on our shoulders. Our XtreMed family was created to serve your harmonious radiology solutions and aid in your growth and success. 

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